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Information on these pages is from my Genealogy Research. Please do not copy any information without at least emailing me first. By no means is this work complete. All the information that is in this website is 99.9% from family members. I believe it to be as accurate as possible. Typing and spelling will not be graded! So please, if there is something you want to correct, please e-mail !

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The Carrier Family

**Note** Some pages are still under construction. You will find on the Links page that there are some more links to pages on my site. I didn't have enough room in the menu bar to add them in! There will be a complete picture gallery in the near future!

I will be visiting many of the area cemeteries and posting the pictures here as I go. I am sorry to say that a lot of the head stones in the Westchester Center Cemetery are over turned and/or knocked over. I went to many of the area cemeteries back in 1985 -1998. I just need to update the website.

I have found the 2 CDs. I also took many inscriptions off head stones already and they are posted here on the site.

I eventually will be posting a full searchable database here on the site and will also have a full PDF file of the work I have done on the Carrier family genealogy.I will be posting several inserts in PDF format from various Vital records and historical books that are in my possession.

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